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You know what you *should* eat, right?  You own the cookbooks and have read every mindbodygreen article ever, but you’re still stuck on cheese and crackers for dinner most nights. I completely understand! The majority of my clients are just like you. Overwhelmed with getting started, finding time or even feeling confident in your own kitchen. 

The Elemental Kitchen Experience is about to change all that! In this 3 hour session, I’ll do a personal kitchen evaluation that leaves you with organization tips, suggested products to purchase and items to get rid of! 

Then we’ll get down to work meal prepping 2 full recipes + make ahead breakfast smoothies for the week!

I’ll provide you with a shopping list ahead of time, recipes, & total hands on help to make sure you feel 100% nourished! 

This is a BRAND NEW offering and only 5 spots are open for this Black Friday special - so act fast!

*offer must be used by January 15, 2018.
*limited nights/weekends available!

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