Lovin' Lately

Hi hi! So, I'm shaking things up on the blog today and sharing the start of a new series:

Lovin' Lately! 

Over the past few months, I've been way more present on IG Stories (@emiliemaynorliving) sharing personal day-to-day tips, fav products, workouts, & thoughts galore! It's been such a fun way to engage with you guys! Between answering your Direct Message questions & the encouragement of my darling clients, Lovin' Lately was born! 

What to expect: things that I've recently discovered or have just really been loving or learning about lately! These are the people, products, travel inspo, tunes, foods and yoga stuffs that are simply rocking my world RN. So, without further ado...

1. Vital Proteins - I'm not wild about protein powders. I've tried dozens and never found "THE ONE." Whey protein doesn't suit my body and most of the plant based ones are soooo heavily processed and make me feel bleh - also, why is EVERYTHING filled with nasty faux flavoring? Um, I'll stick to hemp seeds over that mess ANY DAY!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide has been a game changer for me! VP is sustainably sourced, collagen based protein - which is awesome for bone health, skin elasticity and amino acids. TBH, I think collagen is quickly becoming the health & wellness industry's new golden child - STEP BACK KALE!

Vital Proteins helps people feel better and live fuller lives through sustainably-sourced nutrition products, promoting health, fitness and natural beauty. We do that by providing nourishing collagen and promoting our production of collagen - an essential nutrient stripped from our diets by modern food-processing.
— Vital Proteins Website
Vital Proteins Yogurt Bowl

Seriously though... I love that the powder completely dissolves in hot water and it tasteless, so I can add it to my morning tea, coffee, smoothies or even a bowl of yogurt! VOILA!


2. Ursa Major Deodorant - This stuff is the BEST natural DO. My friend Morgan runs an awesome shop, Club Duquette, with her husband. They carry everything badass + functional - candles, clothing, travel gear, palo santo, and skin care. I popped in a few weeks ago to try out the Ursa Major DO with pretty meek expectations, because, let's be real - natural deodorant is usually marketing for "hi, sorry I smell."  

So I was crazy surprised when it actually worked. Speaking from someone that spends several hours a day teaching yoga and active outdoors, that's pretty impressive! The product line is super clean and I love that Morgan and Duq are incredibly responsible with how they source product. If you aren't local - no worries! Morgan and Duq are awesome to work with and can ship products anywhere and of course you can order via the Ursa Website!

*also, I recently added a few of their face lotions to my skin care game - so expect an update soon!*

3. Spanish! - I took an 8 week Spanish course and fell head over heels for LEARNING & getting out of my comfort zone. So, I was kind of a late bloomer when it comes to embracing education and my intelligence. When I was a kid, I just didn't really fit into the traditional school system and it took me a LOOOOOONG time to realize that I actually love learning and being a student. Aside from my college degree in Communications, I have gone through 200 hrs of yoga training, a year of holistic wellness certification, another 300hrs of yoga school and now I'm onto Spanish. This class is only 8 weeks, but I plan to continue someway until I'm fluent. My husband is fluent and when we travel (which lately has been a ton!) I hate having to rely on him to get around. Mentally, I'm planning a trip to Ecuador this year - strictly for educational purposes, obvi :)

So even if learning a language isn't your thing, I hope you feel inspired to embrace trying something new in the near future! BTW - if you're looking to try yoga for the first time, my 6 week beginners course is such a fun way to ease in! The next series begins at Villager Yoga on Wednesday, July 19 6-7:30pm

Let me know if you try any of these out! I'd love to hear what you think. 

Much love,


Creating Sustainable Change - workshop notes

Goal Setting Group Discussion Photo by Thomas Diasio

Goal Setting Group Discussion
Photo by Thomas Diasio

In 2016, I had the opportunity to speak to a vibrant group of America's First Federal Credit Union employees on creating "The Mindful Workday." Y'all - these guys were so much fun! Corporate Wellness and speaking engagements are a big part of my business and it is such a joy when people attending the sessions are open minded and engaged. We talked about simple changes anyone can make to help reduce stress and feel present throughout the workday. Everyone was such a great sport - even when I asked them to move through some desk yoga! 



So, when AmFirst invited me back for the 2017 Employee Engagement Conference, I was THRILLED. When they told me I would be speaking to 162 people, I was like WHOA...that's a lot of people. Can I even do that

95% of being an entrepreneur is asking that question, daily; then digging deep to answer back, OF COURSE YOU CAN. 

Nothing soothes my nerves like feeling prepared! Whether it's planing ahead for a workshop or prepping for my week with a fully stocked kitchen, it helps me feel a sense of balance and achievement. So, despite feeling a little overwhelmed, I got to work on my presentation, Creating Sustainable Change. In the session, I planned to discuss elements that shape our conditioned behaviors, realistic goal setting, and my top tips for kickstarting REAL change. I want you guys to benefit from this preparation and tips as well, so I'm sharing them here. 

Change occurs when we take time to really get to know ourselves, habits and patterns. This knowledge is the catalyst for lasting change. Self-awareness is the foundation of smart goal setting, too. 

Once you’ve identified your behavior patterns, it’s time to create a goal that’s inline with your nature. A goal that honors where you are in the moment. Don’t forget, these goals should be SMALL, SPECIFIC & MANAGEABLE, so they can easily assimilate into your life. 

Kickstarting Real Change!

1. Stop placing value on everything - neutralize your feelings about good vs bad foods or behaviors to remove yourself from the reward vs restriction tug of war.
2. Practice Crowding Out - add in good foods or behaviors instead of removing things. The habits you want to get rid of naturally begin to “crowd out.”
3. Follow the 80/20 Rule - 80% of the time make the best choices you can with what is available. 20% of the time, you just live life :)
3. Act like you love yourself - treating yourself with compassion is the best way to create real change. Give yourself the same care and support you would give a friend.
— Emilie Maynor, Wellness Coach & RYT 500




    I'm in Bali and here's how it happened.

    Hi from Bali! I know it's been quite awhile since my last post, but my travels have sparked a need to share in me. Mainly because I've received an abundance of messages and texts asking what I'm doing, why I'm doing it and how it all happened. So here's the story...

    After quitting my full time job and starting a business a few years ago, I experienced a flood of emotions. Excitement, insecurity, doubt, empowerment, elation, anxiety and depression. Within a short span of time, I went from being unmarried, living in a low maintenance townhouse and working a regular 8-5 job in fundraising and event planning to married, historic home owner (meaning a wealth of renovation and construction in my future) and an entrepreneur. Basically, I went from independence, financial security and stability to well, everything but. Flash forward to February 2015, I'm sitting in a completely disorganized home office on a dreary southern winter day feeling a strong case of the winter blues. It was a cold, rainy Monday and I was overcome with the reality and responsibility that I was the only person that could dictate my success, future and joy. WHOA. It felt big. It still does. There's no manager or supervisor to help guide, praise or criticize me or my work. IT'S ONLY ME. For an extrovert, that's a challenging truth. 

    I decided I needed support, training, travel, basically any external source of wisdom. So began the search for further education. I sat in my cluttered office googling every combination of nutrition, yoga and wellness training I could imagine. I knew that I wanted something that combined yoga and food. I searched all the big wellness education centers in the US, but everything was so expensive. Thousands of dollars for a short, inconclusive training that didn't include my airfare and sometimes lodging. Then, I found it. Attuning to the Seasons by Swara Yoga in Tuscany, Italy.  Call it dumb luck, call it excellent googling skills, call it divine intervention - who knows. I stumbled on a website that to this day I have not been able to find through search, only typing in the exact web address. I was totally enthralled. Two yoga classes a day and 1 cooking class everyday all centered around balancing your body to each season. It was affordable and I could use sky miles on Delta to get there. I searched more to figure out if this was even real - was it a scam? Are they Yoga Alliance certified? It all checked out. But the big question, can I do this? Can I leave and just go to Italy by myself? Later that day a close friend and workout buddy, Jenna, countered that question with why not? Why couldn't I and would't I do this? After a month or so, I booked it. Done. I was going to Italy by myself for 6 days in Tuscany learning about yoga and nutrition according to seasonal changes. 

    What I experienced there was more than I can put into words, several blog posts on their own. In short, I can tell you that I truly discovered how nourishing and balancing the right combination of yoga and nutrition can be. It was profound. That training combined with the experience of 10 days solo travel changed me. I felt direction and passion in a way I had never experienced. Truth be told, when I got off the train in Italy, I half expected not to be picked up. A big part of me wondered if I had transferred money to a scam artist. But it worked out - the way life does when you are living your truth and on your path. I met amazing people from all over the world (I was the only American there) and experienced 6 days of clean, sustainable living. 


    As the training came to a close, I learned about their 300hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. A 30 day immersion from October-November 2016. I asked a lot of questions, but mainly tried to convince them to offer the training in Central America. I explained all the reasons I could NEVER leave for a month for Bali. I told them it was too far. I would miss my husband, my parents & sister, my sweet Lollie girl. I couldn't leave my clients. I didn't have the money....blah blah blah. One limiting statement after another. My teacher explained to me why the training was in Bali (Spiritual Center) and why it had to be an immersion (depth and gravity of content). 

    I thought about the training almost daily. I thought of every reason I couldn't do it. However, just like my decision to leave my cushy job and start a business, I continued to feel a strong pull to do this. I've always had a take the road less traveled way of life anyway. So in spring 2016, I began emailing with the instructor and eventually went through the application and interview process to be accepted. After a million conversations with my husband and mom, I pulled the trigger. I put down my first deposit and set the wheels in motion. 

    Leaving BHM with my ginger tea

    Leaving BHM with my ginger tea

    So, now I'm in Bali washing clothes in a sink, staying in a bungalow with no AC or hot water for $27/night and I'm loving life. It took me 42 hours to get here and I really have no idea what to expect, other than certainty that this is right for me. I will be in training from October 26-November 25 with limited access to the internet. There are several people and elements that came into play in preparing for this trip that I want to share, but that's another post. For now, I'm in Bali for the next 6 weeks. My husband will meet me here just before training ends, so we can relax and enjoy this unique experience together. My normal life will resume on December 5, but I imagine "normal" will be redefined, as it is after life changing events. 

    For now, I would like to leave you with one quote. This quote was read in my very first yoga class by my first teacher and over the past 10 years, it has had a sneaky way of reappearing in my life and just the right moments. It reminds me that I am meant to be great and that anything is possible, when you are living your passion and truth.  Our Deepest Fear, by Marianne Williamson.