Hi friend, I’m Emilie Maynor. I’m a Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor living in Birmingham, Al. My website is a space for all things yoga, food, travel and life-balance related! These are my passions and I'm thrilled they've peaked your interest, too! 

My yoga practice began 11 years ago and have been teaching for over 7 years. Yoga had BARELY made its way to the south when I started practicing, but has since grown in our community extensively. 

I spent 5 years as the Senior Events Manager at Junior Achievement and taught yoga as a side project. During that time, I experienced a complete life and diet overhaul and discovered how important yoga, nutrition and self-care are to a joyful, balanced life. In my time at JA, I worked with several corporates and got a clear picture of how people struggle with taking care of themselves on a daily basis. It sparked something inside me. A drive to help, educate and facilitate programs that encourage people learn how to easily assimilate wellness into their busy daily lives. 

In 2013, I left my full time job and launched my individual coaching and yoga practice. Over the past 4 years, I have expanded my business and now offer corporate wellness speaking engagements, corporate yoga programs, online nutrition challenges, yoga festivals, retreats and Yoga Alliance CEU training programs. 

After completing my 300 Hour Training in Bali in 2016, I am now certified to share Elemental Yoga Therapy. Elemental living is a way of reconnecting with our innate source of vitality and satisfaction. It’s not complicated; it’s about taking small, simple steps and embracing a process of refinement rather than addition. 

We are all energetic beings, and when we approach everyday life from that perspective—through food, movement, mindfulness, and living in accordance with the seasons—we can truly claim the grounded, rich lives we crave.


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