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The SPARK Energy Session is a 30 minute one-on-one call focused completely on your individual wellness.

With your initiative and my coaching, we can accomplish a lot in just 30 minutes!

  •  Evaluate where you are now, so you have a baseline for progress and can accurately judge how far you've come!!
  • Shed the shoulds and get crystal clear on how YOU want to feel
  • Define realistic goals you can achieve
  • Create action steps to move toward your health and wellness goals with confidence and ease

If you’re ready to spend less time counting steps & calories and more time living a truly nourished life, then book your Spark Energy Session now.

ONLY $49!

Your gentle approach to changes works so well by having the changes meld into life. The things you have taught me about food have become natural to my day, not something I struggle to remember.
— Ann