Hear what's on my clients' minds


Thanks for doing exactly what I hired you for! Exactly! Your gentle approach to changes works so well by having the changes meld into life. The things you have taught me about food have become natural to my day., not something I struggle to remember.

When I came to you to help me become gluten free, I did not know that you also helped out with living life well. Implementing the goals we set below are going to help me live my best. There is a lot that I needed to become aware of, and I thank you for noticing it in me!

I'm off to do what is right for ME today!!

Ann, Individual Coaching Client

"As a result of the Elemental Living Community Retreat, I came back into work and life with greater perspective and a sense of calm and presence."

- Amelia, elemental living retreat participant 

Emilie: Here is my list of "Good Things" that have "grown" organically from participating in your life coaching/wellness education program "garden." This experience has truly been transformation for me and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their life. Your gentle yet firm teaching and coaching has created a strong foundation for continue growth and also provided me with numerous resources to re-read when needed. The ongoing bonus is that your practice offers a variety of budget-friendly and practical classes and seminars to keep me current on interesting topics. I came across a saying years ago that seems to be appropriate here: "The universe provides abundantly when you are in a state of gratefulness."

I divided my "Good Things into three categories - Mind, Body, and Spirit.


  • Mantras: "I am likeable." "I have faith in myself!" "I believe in my strength!" "I speak my truth with confidence."
  • Overall improvement in self-confidence and self esteem
  • Becoming better at identifying what is not serving my best interest and moving to make necessary changes
  • Goal setting - specific, written, achievable goals, with reasonable time frames


  • Continuing yoga classes
  • Trying new classes, private lessons, etc., to keep things interesting and to continue growing and learning
  • Breathing - helps enormously with calming and centering the mind and body
  • Food - cooking more at home and enjoying it; increased willingness to try new foods and recipes (Smoothies!); increased understanding of  the importance of food to health


  • Attending and becoming involved in activities at church - being around kind and intelligent people who seem to like me has been restorative and refreshing - the same goes for my volunteer work
  • Asserting myself appropriately while being cognizant and considerate of other viewpoints and positions
  • Happier and more confident in day-to-day living
  • Noticing a positive difference in my pets (calmer, happier, more playful and snuggly)
  • Garage, yard, and other "clean up" projects - noticing a cleansing feeling as well as improved aesthetics upon even partial completion
  • Gradual change (elimination) of negative people and situations in my life and being more aware of other options and opportunities

I am now healthier and happier, both mentally and physically, thanks to working with you and all of this played a helpful role in leading me to my new job. The best is yet to come!

Suzanne, Individual Coaching Client

"I am once again reminded of the breath and the power of the outdoors. The retreat kept me in the moment and connected me to our environment."

-Heidi, elemental living retreat participant

Emilie has been a volunteer with the American Heart Association since 2014 as a wellness professional, providing yoga instruction and wellness discussions for our Workplace Wellness program. 

Our Workplace Wellness program provides valuable resources for our supporting companies and their employees to improve workplace health. Emilie is an integral part of this program as she provides discussions on topics such as Movement throughout the Workday, Stress Management, and Healthy Eating on the Go. Emilie also provides yoga demonstrations for our Workplace Wellness program. Most recently, she provided yoga instruction for the AHA staff. Her class with our staff took place right before a major event, and because of Emilie, we were able to relax and stay calm as we prepared for this event.

Emilie has a true passion for bringing wellness and yoga to the workplace. She strongly believes that a healthier workplace creates happier, healthier employees. The resources Emilie provides for the American Heart Association are vital to our efforts in fulfilling our mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, and reaching our 2020 Impact Goal of improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20%, while reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20% by the year 2020.

I believe Emilie would be a strong addition to any Corporate Wellness program, as she brings her passion for health and wellness to an organization's employees. I highly recommend Emilie.

Danya, Corporate Client, American Heart Association

"I love your style. You're easy-going but encouraging, firm in your beliefs but gentle with how you share them. I knew that whatever you came up with would feel really good, and I wouldn't have missed it! The Elemental Living community retreat was an incredible reminder that sometimes you need to stop the fast pace of life and take a longer period of time just for yourself. It also reminded me how important in-person connections are, especially in a safe space, in this time of online connection."

- Erica, elemental living retreat participant